Hi, I'm Luz. Graduated in Medicine, I dedicate my profession to health. I am also a clairvoyant medium, a gift that I received at my birth and that I have developed throughout my life with devotion and humility. I have the ability to communicate with spirits and I have had the honor of receiving a part of the knowledge and wisdom of the afterlife.

I could have spent my life in silence as before, safeguarding this spiritual knowledge, not out of greed or vanity, but because of the concern to find those with whom to share it in a respectful way in this materialistic world.

I could have gotten rich selling information on the loved ones of those desperately seeking answers. But then I would not be worthy of the gift I have received.

I have been academically trained in the scientific method. And I work true to him professionally. But I cannot conceive of a way of thinking other than Spiritism. Spiritism encompasses all knowledge and this materialized life cannot be understood without Him.

Which is my goal?

It is my desire to create this blog with the aim of sharing this knowledge and among all of you who want to participate, delve into all the issues that our minds can understand. And together to clarify a new clear and close ideology that quenches the thirst of those who really want answers. Where we come from, why we are here and where we are going is only the beginning.